Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference Compensation Policy
The Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference’s primarily purpose is to provide a forum for solid waste and recycling professions an opportunity to share their knowledge, experiences and services with other professionals in the industry for professional growth. The other purpose of this event is to provided funding to support membership programming for the year to the Iowa Recycling Association and Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations (state chapter of SWANA).  

The following guidelines are to adopted to balance the quality of conference programming and financial impact of speaker compensation:

  1. The conference committee cannot offer complimentary conference registration or travel expenses to breakout session speakers. 

  2. All speakers must register for the event online. For breakout session speakers/ presenters whom are attending only to present during a session and will not attend any other session(s), they will not be charged a registration fee. Speakers planning on attending other sessions during the conference are required to pay conference fees for the day(s) they plan to attend. It is recommended to register prior to the early bird deadline to receive the lowest possible rate.

  3. The conference committee may consider compensating Plenary (Keynote or Industry Panel speakers) or Professional Trainers, a reasonable speaking fee including travel expenses to obtain their services. The amount of total compensation shall not exceed the budgeted amount. Keynote, Plenary, Training Session Speakers are individuals the Conference Committee identifies as a value to the conference and requests them to present on their specific talent or knowledge.  

  4. In the event that presenting at the conference creates a financial hardship, the speaker(s) may complete a Speaker Reimbursement Request form (Google Form) for financial assistance. This should be completed and submitted at the same time as the Call for Presentations response. These requests will be considered by the conference committee and approval, denial or discussion of the request will be provided prior to confirming selection of the presentation. If approved by the Committee, the recipient is required to submit a reimbursement request within 30 days of the end of the conference.

  5. Travel reimbursement may include hotel room, mileage based on the IRS set rate, actual airfare, ground transportation expenses, and meal rate as established by the GSA per diem rate for Iowa.  

  6. No monetary compensation will be provided to presenters, moderators or facilitators by the conference committee.