Iowa Recycling Association (IRA) and Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations (ISOSWO) invite you to submit an abstract to present at the 2017 Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference. 

The Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference and Trade Show is a premier event providing exceptional educational programs, networking, and trade show opportunities to recycling and solid waste management professionals from across the Midwest. The conference curriculum addresses a broad array of issues and provides a balanced program that meets the various skill and interest levels of the conference audience.  

Technical Focus for Topics
IRA and ISOSWO organize their conference sessions into three topic categories. The three topic categories and desired topics and speaking points are summarized below. Please also feel free to submit a presentation topic that does not fit into one of these identified categories.    

Solid Waste Management Topics:

  1. Landfill Operations: Improving performance; Safety; Field and/or equipment maintenance; New technologies.
  2. Landfill Planning: Ending Post Closure; Planning for lateral expansions; Succession planning; Grant/Private funding available for environmental improvement projects.
  3. Landfill Design and Construction: Importance of phasing; New/Alternative design/materials; Legal input concerning contracts/RFPs/service bids, etc.
  4. Storm Water Management: Designing, implementing, and maintaining BMPs; Erosion control assessments; Storm water management regulations and training requirements.

Recycling and Education Topics:  

  1. Recycling: Recycling Markets; C& D Recycling; Hot Topics; Organics; Composting; Resource Management; Recycling Specific Materials; Curbside Recycling Programs; Recycling Practices for Business and Industry; Asphalt Shingle Recycling; Electronics Recycling
  2. Collection: Special Collection Events; Fleet Management; Collection Best Management Practices; Collection Automation; Single Stream Recyclables Collection; Collection Schedules.
  3. Education: Public Policy; Communications; School Programs (K-12, College and University); Public Outreach; Events; Marketing; Social Marketing; Public Relations; Media Relations.

Sustainability Topics:

  1. Green Communities: Climate Action Issues; Green Building; Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions; LEED construction.
  2. Energy: Alternative and renewable fuels; Energy conservation and utilization; Energy audits.
  3. Ecological Enhancement: Water quality improvement practices; Conservation design and development; Endangered species assessments.

Why Should You Submit an Abstract?
This is an opportunity to share your knowledge with professionals in the solid waste management and recycling industries. Presenting at the Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference enhances your professional development, enables you to share with your peers, gains you recognition in the industry, and provides you an opportunity to learn from your colleagues.

Abstract Guidelines
After viewing the guidelines above, submit your presentation idea through our Google form.  You will be asked to fill in contact information, past speaking experience, brief biography and an abstract (200 words or less).  

Abstracts must be submitted online and received by May 1, 2017. 

Submit your abstract here.

Review Process
Speakers are required to submit an abstract.  While previous speaking experience is an advantage, new presenters are strongly encouraged to submit.

Each submission will be reviewed by a panel which will focus on:

  1. Innovation of topic or project 
  2. Relevance to the respective audience 
  3. Overall merit of the abstract: clarity of description, creativity of presentation and scope of objectives 

Presenters will be notified by June 1, 2017.

If you have questions regarding the submission of your abstract contact: 
Jeff Phillips, ISOSWO Conference Chair, 515-256-8814, 
Shannon Meister, IRA Conference Chair, 712-328-4985,

For information regarding the 2017 Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference and Trade Show, visit OR contact Erin Vorac at 515-681-1026,